Monday, July 16, 2012

When tragedy strikes

This week one of our athletes was killed in a car wreck. Our whole community is reeling over the loss. As a coach this is like losing a member of our family. Healing will take time when you are used to seeing someone in the hall, the gym, the classroom, or even the local quick stop.
I thank God that I can turn to Him for strength and wisdom when comforting the many friends and family that share in our loss.
For those of you reading this send up a prayer for the Rodriguez family, and live your life to glorify the One who will blow life's final whistle.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Grief, change, and life's other audibles....

This past week my uncle died preforming his duties as a peace officer. The tribute to him at his memorial service by his brothers-in-arms is something I will never forget.
Death often gives us better perspective on life by revealing what really matters. Faith, Family, Relationships.
 The past few years I have allowed my value to be gaged by the numbers on a scoreboard, by the number of people in the church I pastored, or by the teaching assignments that I had been given. One Sunday at 4:15 AM changed all that. You see my brother was a fireman called to the scene of the wreck that took my uncle's life. Thanks to his many friends he was not allowed anywhere near the scene, but as soon as he could get back to town his primary concern was to notify my dad himself rather than allow some random law enforcement officer break the horrible news.
Mom and dad were not home, so he came to get me to drive him to a town 40 miles away where my parents own a "getaway" home. Much to our surprise they were not there either, so reluctantly my brother delivered the news via cell phone.
Today almost two weeks to the day of my uncle Charley's passing I finally have time to grieve. I grieve not only the loss of a truly great man, but of what I used to call living. No longer will I waste my time judging myself on my teams wins/losses, or the titles given or not given to me in my job. I will view these as opportunities to glorify my Savior, and to impact the lives of others that they could know Him as I know Him.
Life is changing for the better here. Pray for us as we prepare to move into our own home, and really try to put down roots, a hard thing to do as a coach.
Till next time 1 Peter 5:6-7

Friday, June 8, 2012

This is a blog to describe the wonderful adventure of being a Christian, husband, father, and coach. Anyone who knows sports will understand the most excitement happens between the whistles.